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  1. AussieJS says:

    lets do a deal

    the bears rule for 10 years

    then the bulls can take oveer

  2. What is amazing is that my prediction of Dow 9100 seems so bland.
    If you do not want to sell your winners, then spread off to tracking stocks.
    In order to do this, you must be able to sell short.

  3. whidbey says:

    Lovely day yesterday: Why did it happen? Windowdressing? Today Mario is so cool it smells. China has a new accounting trick, no loans just receipts payable whatever that means. Hold on it means the bank are short a little cash in Yuan. Get a starbucks!!!!

  4. JimC says:

    The only short-term worry is that both SPX and VIX/VIX futures were higher yesterday. Need to watch how volatility is behaving in advance of the Fed meeting.