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  1. AussieJS says:

    a lot of calls have been added,with the instos taking the bets from the other side

  2. AussieJS says:

    this looks like a rigga mortis move for the bulls

    corrective wave 2’s can go almost to wave 1 highs
    but if we hit new highs in dow and spx ,then look out below for a massive wave 1 down

  3. AussieJS says:

    is today the day as europe fades

    high noon shot out

  4. whidbey says:

    Start of a topping this week. commodities are showing some life. EU is stumbling in banking: Mario buys bonds and soon, more stocks. Volatility makes US$ inverse interesting.

  5. AussieJS says:

    usd should soon be going up euro down
    negative rates in japan make it a ideal carry trade currency
    but the japs dont relise that pushes their currency up verses usd

    the world will soon be a baron wasteland and only the bears will servive the dark ice age

  6. whidbey says:

    from Bloomberg:The Shanghai Composite Index has fallen 3.9 percent this week, the worst performance among 93 global benchmark gauges tracked by Bloomberg and the steepest decline since January 2016. It’s not just the stock market. The yuan is trading around its lowest level against a basket of currencies since November 2014, while yields on corporate debt have risen for 10 of the past 12 days.

    Short today, building positions: it is close to downward correction. Leading china, then EU. I lost about 5k Thursday by being a wise A. Heads up.

  7. whidbey says:

    Year over Year consumer spending reflects change reflects PE, and eventually the markets direction in the longer term. Consumer spending is declining currently. Down for a few months in 2016, then at bottom , say fall 2016, it will be time to buy the blue chips and hold on for a rally attempt. I suspect Jason will fly the buy signal. The elections will add to events. But be alert. I will commence buying about then. Get a plan and see if things will turn sooner than we think.

  8. whidbey says:

    In a Shocking Finding, The Bank Of Japan Is Now A Top 10 Holder In 90% Of Japanese Stocks. (Goldman Sachs). Who is running what? WHY, where does it lead? Jason may be satisfied with things, but this week Central banks want to stir the drinks for all. Obviously no place for us folks who just want to have a hint. I am holding things like MOAT,SDY and tax frees. If anyone see smoke signals get out of Dodge cause they are coming for your cash.

    • jims says:

      Sure isnt capitalism…i would imagine that is the business model for all the banks and governments now…it just amazes me how the illusion can stay intact while the data contradicts it.

  9. AussieJS says:

    just love it when govt pention funds
    and govts inc central banks get caught at the top owning all
    china/japan/germany/london /europe /rushia arabia
    and of cause the fed that lends them the money
    down with the ponsi world based on credit

    up with the bears that want a new high to catch more long only’s

  10. AussieJS says:


  11. whidbey says:

    Island top in the QQQs. A price retracement is in the making. I am setting up a few puts in the options and I suspect by tomorrow the down move will develop; actually it is in motion, started today with a price contraction.

    PS: I have been wrong so the probability is just 85% in my computers history files. Check stock charts as well.

  12. whidbey says:

    “This Is The Longest Uninterrupted Selling Streak In History” – Smart Money Sells Stocks For Record 13 Consecutive Weeks.(Zero Hedge this AM)

    I am not smart money which is institutional funds, banks, retirement funds, hedge funds.

    Lots of bonds at very low or negative rates in todays WSJ. Too much cash around?

    Trouble is brewing – when it arrives will I know it? Do not bet on it, I’m older maybe but this is new/different to me and I am concerned.

    • whidbey says:

      add this ZH today:Following February’s dismal drops across the board in Durable Goods, expectations were high for a March rebound. However, the mean-reverters were greatly disappointed as Orders rose just 0.8% MoM (missing expectations of a 1.9% surge) off a revised lower print, pushing the YoY change back into the red. Core Durables Goods Orders fell YoY for the 14th consecutive month – a streak never seen in 60 years outside of a broad US recession. Capital Goods Orders (0.0% vs +0.6% exp) and Shipments (+0.3% vs +0.9% exp) both missed and were both revised lower. Not a pretty picture…

  13. AussieJS says:

    zero hedge is a good site,with insights into corrupt polies to corrupt banks inc central soverigns

    basicly the world is bankrupt and getting worse by corrupt ponsis–smart money knows this
    also that mega banks have 17 trillion in leveraged under counter bets with each other
    they cant all be on the right side
    add to that sadie arabia is setting up a 2 trillion wealth fund to buy stocks etc
    and usa is a dumping ground for buying usd etc –funds coming into usa
    market internals are weak world wide

    the ponsi is on the brink of a crash

  14. AussieJS says:

    technically a slighly lower high or a slighly higher false break would be good top
    with volitility expected to be high this week

    viva daytrader volitility

  15. whidbey says:

    No rate change is merited…but.

    In truth it’s difficult to find just who is buying stocks right now.
    1.Corporate buybacks are in a blackout period,(earnings) so it’s not that.
    2.Corporate insiders are selling the farm (down turn is near).
    3.Individual investors are pulling money out of stock funds (they know too).
    4.And institutional investors have been net sellers of stocks for weeks now.(raise rates- why?)

    This leaves Central Banks.

    What used to be conspiracy theory is now a fact: the futures exchanges permit Central Banks to buy stock futures to provide “liquidity.” It is not coincidence that this policy occurred around the time the markets began to feel increasingly manipulated with stocks ramping higher for absolutely no reason at various points during the day. Never trust the Fed we are not smart enuf….

  16. liar liar says:

    fed says soon, rhymes with June. lol. they will keep saying we may hike the rate next month, but they will not. what they will do (again) is say we may raise it next time. of course they won’t do it that time either. the world is cutting rates, it is unrealistic for the fed to run uphill. message is clear, go buy some assets, we will keep the money loose. markets understand the message and will act on it. when the congress grills yellen, she will say they managed inflation expectations that way. i am not smart money, but i am not that dumb either. i am just a kid with a ruler, and i at least know how to use the ruler.

  17. whidbey says:

    Japan said no to rate adjustment – no stimulant. Markets worldwide fall! Lesson learned: QE and injecting, tampering, are wanted by traders, and currency traders. Where does this lead?? Who knows but can you say ” adjustment.”

  18. whidbey says:

    Sell in May? Why? Avoid losses! Actually we USers are saving too much this morning. No one trusts the market, so bank your bucks. Mexico, where we anchored, is having economic problems with oil sales, Drug exports, jobs: you know why the locals love Obama. Careful yesterday was ugly due to someone in Japan being stingy with stimulants. Janet is rattled,so am I. Underway north @ 0700hrs Pacific DLT. Best.

  19. liar liar says:

    oil gold silver all at multi-month highs, all seem to be breaking out and just beginning to accelerate. given the dollar is testing the bottom of its consolidation range and threatening to break down, the moves in commodities have longer term implications. we can put really high targets on both oil and metals.

  20. AussieJS says:

    all markets are being rigged controled by central banks
    but technically spx should have small bounce

    all central banks are now totally bankrupt and have been reported to marsian control for running ponsis