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  1. whidbey says:

    up today, reach for lower $ and big reach for Feb 10 2017 romp up to DOW 20000, then not so much.

  2. I am not adding to any new positions.
    After living thru beans in the teens and Oil embargos, I know that this is a fake out move.
    We are at 1929 again.
    Even my friends are believing Trump is a prophet.
    If you get out here, no problem.

  3. AussieJS says:

    i am a grizzelly bear–i have jaws of death

    soon like europe/japan ,trump will have no cloths on

    true prosperity can only occur after bankruptcy and debt is wiped out

    trump is good at bankruptcy and being margin called

    i like panda bears gold –watch for a march explosion as debt is imploding

    have fun ,be a daytrader

  4. Daddy Paul says:

    I won’t add any new positions here but I will on weakness.
    I do see where Bob Brinker is becoming cautiously bullish.
    Bob Brinker was right on in 2000 to 2003. He missed the 2008 to 2009 disaster.
    Yield curve inflation and loose money all give the market the green light.
    Buy low sell high or sell high and buy low. Switch hitters don’t do so well!

  5. whidbey says:

    Friday is nowhere, flat and the nice English lady is here…why?, some good numbers this AM. WYNN is up and Iam doubling a modest position. Yellen is about screw up big.

  6. whidbey says:

    The trend is towards investment in stocks, etfs {dividends} and not bonds. How long is there a stand-off in Fed policy? Some time. This could get old.

  7. AussieJS says:

    it is high noon for many things –including the fed

    and todays intra day

  8. AussieJS says:

    is this a back test of break out point or more serious

  9. whidbey says:

    caution, but do look at dividend stocks, Yellen is threatening but she is not serious. we will be lucky to avoid a major decline.

  10. whidbey says:

    Private sector adds 246,000 jobs in January: ADP. But read the WSJ this am; bleak as hell. Inbound from Chicago from new Cat plant opening, seemed like BS said our publicist. Just a little shocked… not….
    Stick to dividends for me.

  11. whidbey says:

    FED does nothing, Holding dividends.
    how long does this go on? until they understand Trump plans.

  12. Want terrorism insurance?
    Talk to an insurance company.
    They have lots to sell.
    Cause they know you will die from heart disease and old age.

  13. AussieJS says:

    use greece to fry the markets as the bears get set

  14. AussieJS says:

    gold is insurance from the alien lizard people invasion

    silver is best

  15. AussieJS says:

    alien invassion by the 10th

    germany has no defences

  16. AussieJS says:

    japan to be sunk by aquatic bears

  17. AussieJS says:

    usa to default as corruption exposed

  18. AussieJS says:

    become a technical analyst

  19. AussieJS says:

    i am a alien from another demension

  20. whidbey says:

    What will we believe???? Less than yesterday’s Commercial numbers… they say.
    But jobs day is a bore. The thing to do is own some bonds and add some Dividends. This is a plan that goes into May 2017. Who? is Trump?

  21. AussieJS says:

    island reversals and pos H/S –so far

  22. Daddy Paul says:

    A/D Looks bullish Most are up nicely except the NASDAQ. ????

  23. whidbey says:

    Reits portfolio last week reurned 45%. over 50% lost money. My dividends doing very little. This weeks earnings will disappoint. Smile, I am still learning….. slowly.

  24. whidbey says:

    Playing with the strong reits.

  25. AussieJS says:

    wherewolfs roam the streets
    as the bears gather for a feeding frenzy

    nas breakout unconfirmed by other indexes world wide

    is this the end of the world as the bulls know it

    if dow and spx confirm nas then bulls may party

  26. whidbey says:

    VT,VBR : some kind of correction in the offing???

  27. liar liar says:

    bonds are trying to confirm a bottom while DX is trying to bounce off its polarity support at 100. if both succeed, things will start falling in place.

  28. AussieJS says:

    will the insto’s start selling at high noon

  29. whidbey says:

    WATCH housing growth. VBR and other small caps could learn a move up soon.

  30. Richard Dougherty says:

    What does thee percentage figure inside the parens mean?

  31. Time to re-balance in new highs.

  32. ChiquitaViva says:

    I noticed that the Russell 2000 [IWM] was trending down a bit, perhaps that is why most of the info on Stocks Listed today was from mainly Larger Caps. But I would be interested in more information with regards to exclusively the Smaller Caps – What have Ye ? Or how do i adjust my Preferences for these Newsletters, do you have less expensive info for Newer Investors with smaller capital ? (Please Email me, I did not notice an option for Contacting You ?)

  33. Daddy Paul says:

    I want to know Jasons worst trade ever… Just not bad enough to sing up for something.

  34. whidbey says:

    Check WSJ today, DOW outperforms SP they say DIA…….. out performs SPY? Iuse VTI to track the whole show. Live it up, but be somewhere.

  35. Harry says:

    break out, not bust out.

  36. whidbey says:

    Be aware…… the Vix seems to show possible problems in stocks for a while.

  37. AussieJS says:

    a long while or a short while

    yesterday was a top of something

    i am short

  38. whidbey says:

    Dr Yellen wore herself out yesterday. She convinced me are alone and need help. I trust Warren B I am long GLD and BRK/b. Raining like hell in Calf. Good!

  39. johnk2 says:

    unsubscribe me

  40. Daddy Paul says:

    I had to go back to 94-95 to find a waveform in the market like this one. The NASDAQ back then went from 700 to 1000. That is like 5000 to 7000. I am not bullish BUT I am not going to short this dull market.