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  1. whidbey says:

    The market has been going sideways for 18 months, and when it breaks, either up or down, it should be a large move. So let the market prove itself. If it breaks to the upside, which I define as accelerating above 2,200, it is a good, low-risk, ‘go with’ buy.” Aka, chase the momentum in either direction. In a market as broken as this, where momentum-ignition algos have been the trend leaders for years, one might as well listen. Grundlach.

    Yow.. who is running things???? Follow the leader? I am short and gone to sea for the summer.

  2. AussieJS says:

    the marsian instos are running things
    neither the bulls or bears know where its going

    as their have not been any retailers for ages the game is for control of earth
    and its a game against the soverigns and corporates with ponsi style debt

    waiting for london germany,japan china to snap
    arbay of japan warns of another leehman event
    the marsians are looking for a catapolt default event

    day trade and have fun but somedays not even worth doing that
    so better of suporting ones local casino

  3. whidbey says:

    Dr. Yellen we presume today is a nonevent: Grundlach bond brain says she does nothing and I vote she adds to confusion on policy but nothing else.

    I am Still short into the fall. Risky yes, but less so than cash or long stocks (oh a few dividends). WITC down this AM but behaving oddly. The PBC seen to want the yuan down, but needs crude. Dilemma??