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  1. AussieJS says:

    the world is run on margins from futures to currencies to stocks

    its the tool of the day trader

    its a big ponsi casino

    and this is why the markets will go to zero very soon

  2. AussieJS says:

    become a bear and eat some bull

    eat a banker and a pollie a day and feast on some corrupt public servants

    the social mood is changeing and we are now able to see nudes all over the place


  3. D Lee says:

    Past point of no return- @05.28 BST britain leaves EU.

  4. UpsedsLed says:

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  5. UpsedsLed says:

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  6. JIMS says:

    love volatility but the spread on ym can be 3-4 ticks..

  7. AussieJS says:

    didnt get a chance to post during open,i been up for 2 days and fell asleep


    your thursdays close seemed like a fake move to high so i went heavy short dow.spx.nas aussie xjo ,japan n225 and waited for asia to open friday and the britexit results–this was the best trade i have had in years japan down massive 8% spx down from the 2120 to 2011 –i closed every thing at spx 2025 ish and slept for a while during asia and a bit of europe ==re entered everything at your spx 2060 during your trading–these were big trades on very high margins–so very risky and very scarry

    i tell the above simply because thursday by wave structure must have been the end of the 2 or even 5 month corrective wave 2 up since perhaps january

    friday[ its now saturday here] was as bad as 1987 and imo there is a lot more down to come IN A IMPULSIVE WAVE 3 DOWN TO COME–WAVE 3 is the strongest of waves and it will have 5 little sub waves

    but these are only my views base on the 24 hour futures charts i trade

  8. AussieJS says:

    bank of england openly stated its protecting its currency and so will other central banks and is why london ftse had a big rebound

    currency is where the big turmoil is and technically we cant say what central banks will do

    but the risk is bank failures

  9. whidbey says:

    Hold on its the calm before the financial storm. The US has some notable slippage in business investment, slow sales v. inventories,and low wages. A slow summer. Happy 4th.
    STops are not just for a bus.

  10. AussieJS says:

    a break below spx 2000 is needed or we may get a failed up poop

    central banks world wide are intervaining in currencies to hold the world together
    but everyone knows thats a failed practice and the nude cenral bankers are poethetic

    social mood has changed to people power and its the gilotine for bankers and corrupt polies and
    public servants ,military judges and police

    down with those scared bulls ,,bears are much nicer

  11. whidbey says:

    End of June month investments start today. Bradley cycles hyperactive now thru 5th of July. No idea what this means, But the market rises to allow some IRA investing. I am patient since there is a slowing in the US economy that may slow attempts to recover equities to the silly levels that prevailed recently . No rush about investing, Cash is still the choice of the cautious. Best to all for the 4th.

  12. AussieJS says:

    the bears need a small dead cat after taking profits

  13. whidbey says:

    OK. Bradley Siderograph 2016 turn dates. Strangely enough they don’t predict well Unless many believe in them and act. Up TO JULY 5 TOP full power, THEN DOWN TO SEPT 28TH BUT at low 1/3, power,then down to Nov 29 on high (100%) full power, Then up again at full power into spring. Open your eyes and act. I am getting better.

  14. AussieJS says:

    is the 2 day dead cat dead

  15. AussieJS says:

    bored and waiting to short

    imo the dead cat has come far enough to be considered close to a end and the bear to resume

    central bank intervention into currency and stocks/bonds has come far enough to prevent a crash
    any new highs would have to be at the hands of the instos

    wave structure –impulse wave one down ended at january lows
    crappy wave 2 sideways,overlap corrective only go for daytraders ended last wed,thursday
    followed by beutifull panic impulsive wave 3 down
    wave 1 of wave 3 down ended monday –wave 2 up of 3 may end today followed by crash wave 3 of wave 3 down
    there are other alternatives but as a bear naturally i will not discuss those

  16. AussieJS says:

    we could also go sideways into july 4th to 8th
    the world trades 24 hours a day

  17. Daddy Paul says:

    Too bearish on this board.
    I will not be adding to my longs but i won’t be as quick to sell either.

  18. jims says:

    heckova run up over the last few days…bears are no where to be seen

  19. AussieJS says:

    on chart above ,a new high would give us a terminal broadening pattern and it is possible
    as i said yesterday this latter part of the push higher looks questionable and insto driven
    then we learnt after the close yesterday ,why and world futures zoomed higher for asian trading
    all major world banks then some are spending multi billions buying back their stock at what would have been very low price–good on them –no doubt window dressing for earnings

    so i am sitting out this latter part of the exhaustion up–to risky on margin
    i often get out to early but thats my style of trading

    friday could bring a change or 4th to 8th–i’ll wait for a set up