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  1. whidbey says:

    Looks like the markets are slipping, a slow slide as the economy enters recession this month as a trend change arrives. No rate increase and Congress is confused about fiscal actions & budget. 2186 may be the top in SP. Notes, Bonds will fail This month, Sept 2016.

  2. AussieJS says:

    hal a loo ya

    just waiting for german dax to roll over
    and perhaps ftse for the dow

    even the aussie shares trade in usa –adr’s

    then of course is the currencies

  3. AussieJS says:

    best potential short IMO

    japan n225 niki

    volitility to pick up

  4. whidbey says:

    Near Paralysis. Not clear the EU has any options that impact the EU: the EU is out of bonds to buy so they appoint a committee. Same in US where FED is locked between inflation and losses in performance of US business. Futures down EU and YS

  5. Harold says:

    Happy Birthday!

  6. AussieJS says:

    good intra day shorts just closed

    daytrading is the safest as u are in control of ur trade

    weather its a 10 minute 2 hour -4 hour trade

  7. whidbey says:

    Markets confused..again. Down big today to show that EU and Draghi are going no nowhere on fiscal prayers. Japan is still in trouble and will be for sometime.

  8. AussieJS says:

    we are at support–what will happen now

  9. JIMS says:


  10. whidbey says:

    Great review, not pretty, but Its not over yet. Until Fed meets this month nothing is obvious.

    I see this fall as a “buy opening” that pays-off in 2017 and later. It seems that interest rates can wander for a time but will settle toward increases over the next 24 months. I am long/planning to hold EM, tech, semis, oil, health and dividends. Buying weakness now and into year end — ETFs and mutual funds at Vanguard where costs are reasonable comparably speaking. Time for year end reviews and planning.

    PS What about gold???

  11. whidbey says:

    listen to the fed talk today, No buying until we know more. ECB is coming unglued, and Japan is submerging soon.

  12. Daddy Paul says:

    I am looking for 5050 on the NASDAQ. Then dry powder becomes longs!!!!!!!

  13. AussieJS says:

    a lower high——???

  14. whidbey says:

    The volatility becomes the rule.

    Holding on until intentions become clear. I say no rate increase but……if international slippage increases. ECB is a mess.

  15. AussieJS says:

    yummy volatility at the hands of the quad witches

    well controlled by the market makers and the computers

  16. AussieJS says:

    if we can just break spx 2119 means a large downtrend is underway for many years

    if not its just a corrective overlap and the bulls have a chance

  17. whidbey says:

    The US is in serious debt problems. Holding physical gold and silver for long-term wealth preservation and portfolio diversification remains prudent.

    • AussieJS says:

      no if usa is going to take your gold away from you as they have done before
      and also as china is planning on doing to its citizens

      diversify to overseas assets usa corrupt govt can not touch

  18. AussieJS says:

    since friday the range has been getting smaller suggesting a triangle
    with a break out up if spx 2119 holds or down big time

    but quad witches of influence till fridays roll over

  19. whidbey says:

    Still in fertilizers Pot/Augr.

    This year’s best-performing sectors in the S&P 500: SPY -0.06%…. are telecommunications, with a total return of 14.9%, and utilities, at 13%.. So stock picking matters. Why the up opening???

    • liar liar says:

      high-dividend, low-risk, low-growth value stocks like telecoms and utilities look like stocks, but they are talk and walk like bonds. we can see this by observing that TLT is also up by more than 10% this year, commensurate with utilities and telecoms. when yields go down, high-dividend stocks and bonds rally. period.

  20. AussieJS says:

    there was a little false break low at 2115 spx and a reversal in after hour futurs in asian trading

  21. AussieJS says:

    bears sell rallies

  22. whidbey says:

    Bottoming weekend Sept 26th, then my numbers say that the market is game–on for some speculation. Longer on in the future a major low is nearing but have no fix yet. Major lunar eclipses is due @ 1505 hours Friday the 16th. Not able to say what that means.

    My longer term numbers say a decade low is possible 2017-18 based on numerology. I told my friends to expect some major events when a mathematician thinks about matching time periods.

  23. Daddy Paul says:

    Good report on weekend. Thanks Jason
    Myself I am wanting to see 5050 on the NASDAQ to go long.

  24. whidbey says:

    The fed tomorrow, today the japan does its rate play, but wait, Italy is playing on attacking the Euro. Stay sane if you can.

  25. whidbey says:

    BoJ’s plan to steepen the Japanese bond curve is interesting- but judging by the strengthening in the Yen, FX markets are non-believers. The fed seems to notice that few think it has a plan; a fight maybe as the governors scrap, but no policy. Then there is Italy and the Euro. Could go up in smoke any time. Be nervous, no one is driving the global economy.

  26. AussieJS says:

    earth to capitulate to marsian bear rule very shortly

    marsian mark to replace earth ponsie currencies

  27. whidbey says:

    New world, be careful, The global economy is being manhandled by the key global players. Yesterday was a play in the game of politics and the move is to keep things in the hands of top 5% of investors.

  28. Daddy Paul says:

    Small caps are lagging.
    I am not really sure of this rally.
    Still most other indicators are solid.
    Conclusion: Go long with caution.

  29. whidbey says:

    Check today’s WSJ section c4, which says fed adds fuel. Too true and soon to hurt like hell. Bonds fall in yield, stocks want to rise, but not much buying interest. The yen is strengthening ,JCB owns 10% of the ETFs in Japan, while the ECB is unable to find bonds to buy. Care is due if one wants to walk home. Then the Dems want new taxes, Trump says end taxes. Winter could be deadly.