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  1. jims says:

    why now is oil a trigger for the market?

  2. AussieJS says:

    because its a currency /trade war that the world is in like 1929


    aussie dollar to be new world reserve currency –lol

    we also have oil,gold,uranium and politicans

  3. whidbey says:

    The employment numbers were awful, below any forecast… but jobholder went up. If you understand that… get help. The production of goods and serves slipped lower. All in all, this shows economic weakness. The safe places are cash and maybe a few bonds. Plan for buys of my favorites: dividends stocks, maybe utilities, medical, foods at the bottom in May 2016 (a guess). Hold on for the new oil or gas tax from the Whitehouse. Live it up!

  4. Richard Martin says:

    “The market is not in good shape right now. It hasn’t been in good shape for a while, and things seem to be getting worse. Last year I pointed out many things I didn’t like about the market, and then in early-January I summarized everything in a series of blog posts. Nothing has changed since then. All the things that bothered me still bother me…”

    you’ve done well recently. kept the emotions to a minimum. But now that the market is going down, you’ve thrown all caution to the winds. “The market is not in good shape right now”. Yes it is. I am short. It is in excellent shape.
    “Things seem to be getting worse”. For someone who has been short since September, excuse me but they are getting BETTER.
    “many things I didn’t like about the market” Because you are BIASED IN FAVOR OF A BULL MARKET. What kind of technician does that make you?
    “All the things that bothered me…” Why are you so “bothered”? Get short, man, and stop being “bothered?.

  5. Daddy Paul says:

    I sure would not get bearish right now. Small caps are doing better than large. Tech is even doing better than the biggies.

    • liar liar says:

      i am seeing the exact opposite of what you are seeing. NQ broke below its January low, TF is right at that low, ES is holding up with a larger margin so far.

  6. whidbey says:

    Another day of waiting. The Dax is sick and EU banks are likely put more pressure on banking worldwide. No use being short since volatility makes it difficult to manage shorts. Look at puts for leverage. Shop for dividend stocks now which can be acquired later, nearer the bottom. Then there is Mrs. Yellen to confused the public. Ignore the lady. More severe drops ahead, more oversold levels, then a bounce before another extreme low that carries into May 2016. These are my charts. Worth what they cost, you probably nothing. best

  7. AussieJS says:

    just closed my intraday shorts from early asia and watching

    wave 5 down can be more choppy than straight down 3’s and can subdivide

    dont have to but i am more carefull–its a world market

    but i am expecting much lower

  8. jims says:

    now that was a nice finish…

  9. whidbey says:

    Japanese stocks down 5% today, US got keelhauled yesterday, may be another trip around today. What is happening next? EU banks are slowly disengaging from the EU economy. Fear and loathing rules the hall in our offices. Leading with cash and a few bonds. Worried? Will, old men do retire eventually, or die. Which makes more sense? Starting to wonder after living through four bears, but nothing like one. Keep the faith for a while longer.

  10. AussieJS says:

    bears are much nicer than bulls,said my teddy bear

  11. AussieJS says:

    this should be the last sub push up for a while

  12. whidbey says:

    Yellen day!! she will do nothing but pontificate on what she thinks {she sees but she is delusional}, so plan for a rally then a reversal up for a while, careful getting involved. Notice, EU/Japanese banks are talking up further negative interest rates. Five years ago they would have thrown you out of school (or your bank) for such talk. CHK is just the first petroleum firm to walk the plank. Good-bye, oil banks and US oil production; the middle east loves this action is the US.

  13. AussieJS says:

    become a daytrader and have fun

    with virtually no gaps on futures 24 hour charts

    snippers and scalpers required for 30 minute trades or longer on large margins

  14. liar liar says:

    don’t look now, but gold just turned vertical and is at a 52-week high.

  15. AussieJS says:

    was this a fantasy false break low

    well only a fast move up will prove that

  16. AussieJS says:

    i am expecting at last 15370 dow cash and probably much lower
    as banks and credit markets crash on oil losses and soverign risk and japan stupidity
    with europe in implosion –many banks are going under

    but that wont stop a bear bounce at any time

    i just bought 2 new dead cats –casper and black devil to replace grusome and the other one

  17. whidbey says:

    Jason has the market pattern down tight, up today (on falling oil);then we see another ride down. But Imarket show the earnings are below the S&P price which suggests the index will decline until earnings equal or exceed the price level in the index (S&P.) I know another mental case – but I like their equations on historic data back to 1999. Best to all.

  18. AussieJS says:

    trade the futures and dont have a holiday
    yesterday during europe spx cash futures got down to spx 1807 for the cash market before open
    but no big bounce so no false break

    in march cash in usa will be banned and usa will become the cashless society
    this will allow the fed to transfer usd through out the world electronicly and start of QE infinity

    it will also be the end of the usa petro dollar as oil payments will be in chinees yaun

    and the currency wars go on

    as does the war between rushia middle east opec and china against usa

    god save the queen and the bears

    • jims says:

      Aussie, do u trade any currencies…im looking to diversify and open up an everbank world currency fund…

      • AussieJS says:

        i used to ,as they used to be the most un manipulated charts

        but now the central banks have got to them as well and they are no longer to big to manipulate

        you need a good daily list of world anowncements ,but longer time frames are ok

        but with my impatient mind set ,then i am only any good as a day trader

  19. jims says:

    trying hedge when and if the usd rolls over…i want to find something that will be valuable

  20. AussieJS says:

    longer term every country wants a lower currency which is causing a depression same as 1929,but worse

    follow the charts of usd and its inverse relationships of euro/yen /aussie/nz etc
    and take a currency hedge–but i still think usd will be a safe haven or best of worse for a while

    lol the jap yen is the carry trade currency and in fear and risk of is going up in face of their neg interest rate stupid central bank
    gold can also be a fear hedge and has a usd relationship—ITS JUST STARTING ITS MASSIVE UPTURN

  21. AussieJS says:

    to fix deflation raise interest rates to 10% and bankrupt everyone

    and that will be the end of deflation