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  1. AussieJS says:

    lets do a deal

    the bears rule for 10 years

    then the bulls can take oveer

  2. What is amazing is that my prediction of Dow 9100 seems so bland.
    If you do not want to sell your winners, then spread off to tracking stocks.
    In order to do this, you must be able to sell short.

  3. whidbey says:

    Lovely day yesterday: Why did it happen? Windowdressing? Today Mario is so cool it smells. China has a new accounting trick, no loans just receipts payable whatever that means. Hold on it means the bank are short a little cash in Yuan. Get a starbucks!!!!

  4. JimC says:

    The only short-term worry is that both SPX and VIX/VIX futures were higher yesterday. Need to watch how volatility is behaving in advance of the Fed meeting.

  5. whidbey says:

    The fed wants to raise rates, but EU/Draghi say no, or not yet. I think it happens at .25 BP for US with promises of more to come soon, soon…. maybe. What would you say to a little tax cut? I hate Christmas as a commercial holiday. I know I am tasteless, not sorry this is a free speech board.. Buy equal weights.
    Was that lighting bolt???

  6. AussieJS says:

    yesterday was not strong with divergencies,doodleing and insdecision–doji’s
    trump and co are putting pressure on fed to move faster and stronger
    50 point move may shake rattle and roll
    but i still think the quad witches are controling with central bank help

    the crash may come on monday or earlier and stop the santa rally which is usually after opts x
    into first 2 weeks jan on low volume and no santa rally like no rally last xmas

  7. AussieJS says:

    the bears are at i again ,sucking in the bulls

    and pushing nas 100 up to get set short

    • jims says:

      i dont think ive seen the market go in negative territory for the last few weeks…

      • liar liar says:

        that’s how bear markets work. prices keep making new highs. you have to use your imagination to see the roaring grizzly from all the green.

  8. jims says:

    hmmm, possible chink in the Armour….

  9. whidbey says:

    The setup is a concern: Equities are high and the FED knows the Public debt is set to accelerate in Jan 2017. What happens is uncontrollable and unknown. I am long the SPY, VTI, the
    I see the dollar falling.

  10. AussieJS says:

    the fed is a private company owned by the banks

    it has 200 trillion in debt and iou’s—bankrupt it

    most usa state pension funds have been robed and can not meet their commitments

    bankrupt them –and out law pension funds

    then sack all the public servants and only have trump running the usa of his computer

  11. AussieJS says:

    come on bulls the quad witches want dow 20000 so as the bears can short

    especially the financials as the fed is going to sell its bonds to reduce liquidity
    and bankrupt the world

  12. AussieJS says:

    we had the shallow correction yesterday now the last attempted push up

    before the uncle scrooge cash for xmas /n/year

  13. AussieJS says:

    stocks are being traded like the commodities market that they are

    exhaustion tops are ”V ” shape–straight up straight down

    the distribution is in the top exhaustion

    whilst i am not saying this is the top but the whole trump rally should go vertical down

  14. whidbey says:

    The new adm will confront conflicts in tax policy, retirement/health care costs,and defense. The fed policy on interest is unworkable. I say keep some cash on hand at home and be prepared for a shock or two on how the public debt which move up like a snake. Be prepared for a harder more combative life style. Check the WSJ today for a few well reasoned articles in sec A. And shop the sales after Christmas, best to all. Whidbey

  15. whidbey says:

    Holding ETFs for growth. Now let us see where Trump goes, employment looks flat. The hedges are expecting a run up into May. I could do that, but should I??

  16. AussieJS says:

    when everyone is a bull –i am a bear
    when everyone is a bear –i am a bull

    so are the instos that take the opposite side to the bet –like now

    the pattern of trend–long term and short term broadening megaphones
    ending diagonal exposive tops,,heads with shoulders
    plus the internals and divergences

    all suggest a change of trend to down in january or now

    the game is over for usa state pensions /bonds –DEBT IMPLOSIONS and reduced liquidity


  17. Remember, few people are around to take the other side of your trade.

  18. Bonnie says:

    Jason… is 52 Patterns your site ?

  19. whidbey says:

    Soon a little correction?? Weintraub told me that. I thought he was gone.

  20. AussieJS says:

    soon a massive correction as the usa fed says its going to drain its QE liquidity and flood the market
    by selling its current holdings of bonds to reduce its balance sheet

    that will force a debt implosion

    its xmas eve here and i dont know why i am up

    cheers to the world as we survived another year

  21. Abdolali Morzzi says:

    I am interested in investing in IoT. What is your advice.
    . Is there an ETF for this purpose. Thanks.

  22. whidbey says:

    Nothing is revealed today,but later this month is a hint at the 2017 market. Thinking a few balanced funds 64/40 are the openers.

  23. whidbey says:

    Be humble since the year ahead has two outcomes. I am setting on lots of cash and a few ETFs: SPY,VTI,XLE etc. Where is Gold going???

  24. Daddy Paul says:

    Happy New Year.
    I look for a short term bottom in the next week or two. Then we can ride the bull again.

  25. whidbey says:

    outstanding………………………. my wife is so smart keeping this site.

  26. Daddy Paul says:

    Sell this gap up.

  27. Daddy Paul says:

    Look for a time to buy. NASDAQ= 5264 or less
    RUT = 1322 or less.

  28. AussieJS says:

    is today the final hahra,resulting in the end of everything

    completed 5 waves up in usd and spx charts could be considered

    boarder taxes was the cause of the 1929 depression

    trade wars,debt implosions,cheating banks,bankrupt central banks

    bankruptcy is a cleansing method for real prosperity

  29. whidbey says:

    Watch China’s debt level. Oh yes, no carriers at sea? Watch events carefully now thru the swearing in.

    Down futures this AM.

  30. Justin says:

    Why don’t you include GDX?

  31. whidbey says:

    Much ado about nothing today. The tax reports from brokers are real, but not today. Isay avoid bonds and hold a few balanced funds.

  32. Daddy Paul says:

    Agree “The market’s breadth needs to improve.”
    And it is getting worse today.

  33. whidbey says:

    A new market service??
    ? Means the old pot has soured the pot and the soup. Look to bonds????What about?oil, medicine,banking. no where???

  34. whidbey says:

    Springboard for new policy. Expect bonds and shares to wonder around this week before becoming serious.

  35. polywan says:

    No mind to improve your winner it is only your excel mind to reflex your eyes

  36. OmarAlexander says:

    Steel and aluminum stocks seem to have topped out. Negative Trump effect on these industries as trade war with China and other nations are evident. Wonder if GNC can be a takeover target. Small caps should do well through out the first 100 days. If repatriation agreement kicks in then all these U.S multi-national companies are bound to take off.