Before the Open (Aug 6)

by admin on August 6, 2010
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Good morning. Happy Friday.

The Asian/Pacific markets closed mixed. Europe is mostly up, but gains are small.

Employment numbers are out. Here they are:

unemployment rate: 9.5% (was 9.5% last month)

nonfarm payrolls: -131K (was -125K last month)

average workweek: 34.2 (was 34.1 last month)

hourly earnings: +0.2% (was hourly earnings -0.1%)

Futures were up a couple points heading into the numbers and then got hit hard after the release.

It’s been a very slow week. Other than the opening minutes Monday, the market has traded in a tight range on declining volume. Resistance is just overhead, and the small caps have lagged all week. The trend over the last 5 weeks has been up, but until the June high is taken out and the small caps improve, I don’t think it’s a good idea to be super aggressive on the long side. As of now today’s open will be near the bottom of this week’s range. More after the open.

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  1. Howard Weinstein says:

    Hi Neal!
    Currently the Dow is down 140, S&P down 16,
    and the Nas down 32.55. How do you think
    we are going to end at the end of the day
    today? HW

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