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  1. Daddy Paul says:

    Flat futures = No trading.

  2. AussieJS says:

    19 Hindenberg omens in last 22 days -most of them consecutive days–never before has it happened

    confirms Jasons video of a unstable market

    this is not a buying opportunity

    viva the bears

  3. Daddy Paul says:

    My model tells me 7740 on the NASDAQ is a safe buy.

  4. whidbey says:

    Multiple rate hikes are now appropriate” – equity markets see tightening of financial conditions and increased risks in 2018 compared to 2017: the USD is higher, market liquidity is lower, volatility is higher, oil prices are higher, and political risks around trade wars, EM and Europe, are all significant. From an equity market perspective, these developments now warrant higher interest rates. Higher interest rates would likely create further headwinds for consumer spending, housing, business financing and lending, and leverage of various trading strategies – thus increasing the potential risk of a policy error and a recession. Did I scare anyone? Good! I think the US economy is in deep DoDo.

  5. AussieJS says:

    the dow go straight up–the dow do straight down
    maybe a turn point at high noon at ftse -dax close

  6. AussieJS says:

    whist their is still greater down potential,today’s intraday low may be the end of small wave 1 of 1 from the top,with small corrective wave 2 up to start followed by 3 of 1 down

  7. whidbey says:

    Read WSJ today, section R4 for a discussion of changes to ETFs and mutual funds that many investors will find disturbing, particularly if they are investors.

  8. whidbey says:

    Who will be the marginal buyer of U.S. stocks when the buyback impetus fades (i.e., when the effects of the tax cuts and fiscal stimulus begin to wane)? Will, most will turn their backs, and be wrong. The market will rise to new highs, for a while.

  9. AussieJS says:


  10. liar liar says:

    30y yield broke above a major resistance that has been forming for 3 years. 10y yield is in blue sky territory. 5y has been there for a while now. I know I will get emails from friends now asking where I have been, but at the expense of stating the obvious, I do not know how to see the bond market as anything but a bear market now. a deeper look at the composition of the yields reveals that real yields rather than inflation expectations are responsible for nearly the entire rise in the nominal yields.

  11. Daddy paul says:

    I got a buy signal on all of my models Monday morning. I even ran one that I last ran on election day 2016. It said buy. I even read all my notes from the last time my model failed in 2011 August. I didn’t go all in. I got the same buy signal this morning.

  12. Daddy paul says:

    Buy buy buy

  13. AussieJS says:

    we may be at or close to end of small wave 3 down of wave 1 with a small correction up wave 4
    then wave 5 of 1 to finish wave 1 down
    this is not a buy the dip
    we have a long way down to go yet

  14. whidbey says:

    wait, it is not over.

  15. AussieJS says:

    i bought a dead cat named Sam

    he is prone to big wave 2 bounces

  16. AussieJS says:

    San works for world plunge protection teams and gives me insider info

  17. AussieJS says:

    short term targets dow 24999 sp 2600 nas 100 6400

    long term —zero

  18. liar liar says:

    The weakness in the small caps is noteworthy. IWM is below yesterday’s low already and down more than 11 percent from its late August top. In the short term, between the accelerating price action and volume spike, it seems like we are close to a capitulation. But this kind of action may have ramifications for the next moves in medium and long term.