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  1. Curtis Miller says:

    When trading trends get sloppy as they recently, the set-ups still occur but normal Stop procedures let initial profits get away.

    A stable trend doesn’t present that problem.

    How to still take the good set-ups but not get whip-sawed?

    Enter normally, say a daily entry trigger confirmed by supportive weekly trends.

    When the general market is muddy, shorten your charting time frame to manage potential exits.

    Enter using daily, but manage using hourly, or my favorite 65 minute. You can then use the same Stop techniques, maintain your discipline, and logical consistency, but avoid the whip-saws except in the case of a contrary big Gap open contrary to your trade. That can, and does happen on all time frames.

  2. whidbey says:

    THe Fed plans a wilderness meet at end of the week in Wyoming. Beware its usually a human sacrifice of some sort.

  3. jims says:

    im sure its a young child that was trafficked in thru the border. The elite are vampires..

  4. whidbey says:

    US dollar is pushing gold and oil {59} it appears, still a pullback seems to be setting up due to fed rate increase in the fall after Friday meeting.

  5. whidbey says:

    Longest bull market in history.

    The double SP top below the 2800 level is likely. Be nervous even if Target showed strength this AM. See only one hike for the Fed; avoid inverting the yield curve.

  6. whidbey says:

    Chm Powell, FR chair, is the big noise this week. FR Rates likely to rise thru end of year. Housing is moving up in price and individual debt moves up. This is problem nationally. Cold winter possible so Nat gas may be moving up in price this season. Long calls NG

  7. whidbey says:

    Fed day… the increases in interest rates is sure this fall. watch your bond holdings…….

  8. whidbey says:

    A little more up before the economy recedes into start of rate inversion in 2019. Holding lots of cash in US dollars . Nervous as hell US recession seems probable as the Fed fiddles.

  9. whidbey says:

    Mexico trade deal seems promising,Near I can see, is China, & Canada in the cards? Could be very promising.

  10. liar liar says:

    Mr. Leavitt, do you find Warren Buffett to be a successful trader?

  11. whidbey says:

    tech,health and AMZN= 93% of the growth to date this year…

  12. Daddy Paul says:

    Not my kind of market to trade. This is not even a good breakout (which I do not trade anyway).
    This is a good time to ride the pine.

    • whidbey says:

      the 2-year yield higher than the 10-year yield, the yield curve has “inverted.” In the past, this condition was followed by recessions. Very insightful…but the markets may see some strength on up side…. before we see a recession. Less than 10% invested, no heros here

  13. whidbey says:

    The Market has a long.. ways.. to.. go this fall, and into spring 2019.

    Invest stay invested and I would include a gold position.

    Sounds a Little soft headed…but it will be worth the effort.

  14. Mike spittle says:

    Very much appreciate your list of Indexes, Groups and ETFs. Will you continue to with this list please!

  15. AussieJS says:

    Europe/Asia crashing–yummy

    lets take out usa next

  16. whidbey says:

    “The economy is in overdrive with jobless claims at lows not seen since the 1960s, and this gives the Fed the green light to raise interest rates later this month and take away some of the economy’s punch,” said Chris Rupkey, chief economist at MUFG in New York.

    Still looking for a general rise in market price levels over the future six months.

  17. whidbey says:

    Ray Dalio, the billionaire founder of the world’s biggest hedge fund, told CNBC on Tuesday the current economic cycle is in the 7th inning, predicting it has about 2 years left to run.

    Cash is looking better – later….. today 40/60 stks/bonds is my plan.

  18. Daddy paul says:

    Love your videos.

  19. amin says:

    Very nice. Beautiful article

  20. C says:

    Would suggest a back test of these patterns over a universe of stocks to know the probability of these patterns playing out. Examples can be found where the patterns work and there are many times when they do not. Important to know the trade expectancy.

  21. whidbey says:

    An entire generation on Wall Street has never seen Treasury yields this high. These “Gradual” Rate Hikes Start to Add Up: US Treasury Yields up to Three Years…. Hit 10-Year Highs. So expect to see the economy react rather violently in the future. for a market correction that will curl your locks. Get a plan for the buying opportunity that could develop.

  22. whidbey says:

    Stock Market Confidence Level = 100%; but the trade hassle with China continues…so spy looks stable and the place to be. sniffing silver.

  23. MIk says:

    According to your divergent definition (positive divergence is higher prices while the indicator fails to show higher values), then FANG, SFIX, SHAK, and others should be ‘positive’ divergences? (not negative)

    Am I understanding what you wrote correctly?

  24. Daddy paul says:

    Looks like a long entry point this morning

  25. AussieJS says:

    the market is unstable and probably has mental problems

    nas 100 looks like it has depression

  26. liar liar says:

    a large object is approaching the market. it is invisible yet and its path unknown, but we can discern its presence from its gravitational force.

    • AussieJS says:

      you are right

      the dow suffers skitzofrenia
      the plunge protection team has paranoid tendencies

      all are waiting spiritual enlightenment

      • jims says:

        NM observatory is shut down. beware of solar flares and federal indictments coming…buy tangible assets…WWGO WGA

  27. whidbey says:

    Melt up to year end 2018 …then an adjustment into spring 2019. Holding cash levels high. Crude has me confused; it is up right now.

  28. Daddy paul says:

    I look for a nice slow move up from here or a couple of really bearish days. In advance weakness wi hith be a nice entry point.

    • whidbey says:

      Fiscal deficits are heading for $1 trillion, and the debt ratio is already twice as high as a decade ago, so there is little room for fiscal expansion.

      So, to top it all… We have no ability to turn the economy around if the Fed and Congress continue. You are living a dream regarding a nce entry point.

  29. AussieJS says:

    the marsians have developed a transformer ray gun ,that will instantaneously turn all bulls into bears

    they have agreed not to use it until after tomorrows quad witching

  30. AussieJS says:

    did the market just exhaust on low participation

    wont know for a few days

    see Jasons video—the trend is still up

    and it is,till its not

  31. liar liar says:

    30y and 10y yields at major resistance for the nth time. if they break this resistance in tandem, there is a lot of real estate that they can claim in short order. 5y yield is in blue sky territory already in every time frame. get ready for fireworks one way or the other.

  32. whidbey says:

    Inflation is likely to affect all in ways that will be uncomfortable. T2-4% inflation rates are likely before the end of 2018 with more in 2019. Planning is important, look at the WSJ for some thoughts on what is at stake in just survival.

  33. liar liar says:

    oil is relentless, above resistance and in blue sky territory. quite a difference from gold. seems like oil may keep running up in anticipation of nov 5, at which point we will see if doomsday scenarios come to pass. if oil price goes to currently unimaginable prices, this will also have knock on effects on all sorts of pricing dynamics. fundamentally, oil may be overpriced here but supply disruption potential is large and can throw off the supply-demand balance dramatically for an extended period of time.

  34. whidbey says:

    We are now approaching the end of fall and the end of 2018. I suspect that more planning is needed by all. The year is not obvious to me but I am concerned. The implications here seem straightforward. The pace of offshore cash repatriation of cash is slowing markedly and should continue to decelerate going forward. Thus, to the extent you’re counting on repatriated cash to turbocharge the already robust buyback bid on US stocks, you might want to notice that that it is very questionable. but holding Mostly cash and bonds might be a timely strategy if the Fed does not raise rates more than modestly [2-3%] the rest of this year. Otherwise we confront losses in growth and maybe a dose of deflation.