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  1. Bonnie says:

    Been there – done that.
    Thank you for sharing your horror story and all your wisdom you have gained since then.

  2. Vic W says:

    For myself it’s about Reece’s Pieces. I’ve built many Autotraders over the years. I’ve settled on trading Futures Emini’s, however only the NQ or NASD 100 derivative, since it sports the highest volatility for several quick profits per day, currently set @ a nominal $55, though will handily take $150 or more most of the time if trading in the Trading zone. The leverage is high @ 1 contract on a $8000 account in the NQ. Obviously this in not for everyone. It’s a daily living. Not a long=term investment plan. I Don’t always trade real. Do a lot of testing, then go real. However, if you’ve built non-lagging indicators (I have) those too will do well with Stops in place for reasonable gains per trade.

  3. Vic W says:

    P.S I’m currently up $110 after 2 trades both long so far in the NQ this morning @ $125 before commissions. Just went out for a third trade, (this one short) so now $165 after slippage. Noteworthy, not all trades are winners. However, net gains after losses are usually the norm taken over several days. Just something for some to consider. Let the computer do the work. I use Tradestation. Not a plug for Tradestation. However, TS allows one to program their own indicators and strategies, as many know. Tradestation also provides a few Strategies to utilize, many of them from Stocks and Commodities free. I’m certain there are many traders out there utilizing these methods for profits. And Jason, thanks for all you do. I’ve been following your reports every morning for years to get a feel for where the market is likely to go each day for the Manual Trades.

  4. Donna Brantley says:

    Recently looking at RSI, this was very interesting writing. I am always more interested in more near term stock charts. Thank you for the article.