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  1. whidbey says:

    SPHD good dividend stock 3.8%. No idea of what today’s market can do, but seasonality is in the wind.

  2. market is in its own World/

  3. whidbey says:

    China is ready to move, so look for vehicles for the ride.

  4. Daddy Paul says:

    Never short a dull market.

  5. Daddy Paul says:

    Enjoyed the video.
    Thanks Jason

  6. Daddy Paul says:

    RUT hits all time high and NASDAQ at 10 day low?
    Never happened before!
    Look forward to Jason”s take!

  7. whidbey says:

    Fed probably holds the interest rate steady. There is no point in doing anything right now, but the seasonality says this could be the show until the fall.

  8. AussieJS says:

    my dead cats have lost their FANGS

    they will be a great lost to the quad witches ,insto market makers

    as with most exhaustions they are ”V ” events

    as the market making instos take the opposite side of the trades
    and their was to many BULL CALLS

    thus goldmans say the FANGS ARE OVER PRICED

    but a rotation into banks may not happen if fed does not raise rates by 1 %

    10 years of BEAR no BULL

  9. whidbey says:

    fed receipts lag behind spending by about 10% per quarter. The Fed Res is only able pay the bills, not stem the debt or raise the revenues needed. Be concerned….. there seems to be another spender in the Whitehouse. We old men and women will go before things go out of control fiscally. But if you are under 50 be concerned as hell.

  10. AussieJS says:

    markets are run not on prosperity but insto hellicopter liquidity by central banks

    central banks are bankrupt and need to cut their liquidity

    interest rate is not so much the thing

    but will fed indicate the start of liquidity withdraw

    opt ex volitility has been great in the nas 100 for day traders

  11. The market will and needs a correction.
    Too much unfortunate news about Trump.

    If the market is looking 6 months ahead, pile into some cash.

  12. whidbey says:

    The shake-out after the fed actions will be slow and lead into a seasonal correction summer and fall. hold some cash I think.

  13. AussieJS says:

    the question is will this be a wave 4 correction or a trend change

    to early to tell

    nas 100 may have topped and finished a wave 1 of five
    with now a attempted wave 2 overlap correction up

    dow and spx in a different trend pattern and time
    and depends if the stock rotation gets legs

    cash has been banned in india and now just starting in usa
    soon it will be wallpaper and only electronic cash used

  14. AussieJS says:

    computers to be replaced by TELEPATHY
    as the human species evolves

  15. whidbey says:

    When household investments rise strongly:to new highs, (36% of assets invested in stocks& bonds— its a ten year warning signal for a brutal bear. This indicator’s current level has been hit only five other times over the last eight decades, and four of those came right before major stock market tops. The only exception came during the go-go years of the late 1990s, during the run up of the Internet bubble. I would suspect going short is wise for most investors since ten years of “under performance” will be severely damaging to all of us old people. The rest of you – good luck.

  16. Good news about whole foods.

  17. whidbey says:

    100 year bonds? I the fed headed that way? Passing into madness???

  18. I have my doubts about Chipotle.
    I mean there are a lot of things to eat.
    And Tacos and Burritos are OKEY?
    But, I am short.

  19. Thinking of shorting some Apache Oil.
    This stuff can’t seem to hold up!

  20. whidbey says:

    Fed is concerned, wages/prices appear to be rising: Symptoms. But the banks know it is going to end mean this fall…global decline at best. Running on cash today and 10% is in gld/greenbacks.. and in the safe.

    no panic, but watch things.

  21. Too much Oil around.

  22. AussieJS says:

    Nas 100

    different viewpoints ,i suppose make a market

    to me the chart shows a wave 1 down ,after a exhaustion top of some sort
    now a simple A B C ,wave 2 corrective pattern
    and last few days distributive consolidation

    not saying it wont go up,but i would not be long ,unless day trading

    faang could resume a serious large wave 3 down

    i dont have any fangs and i dont like faults teeth–to uncomfortable

  23. AussieJS says:

    more volitile now–good

    if in a down trend –double bottoms dont hold and lower double tops are common

  24. whidbey says:

    Iam looking at IBB. health being what it is or may become soon.

  25. whidbey says:

    Holiday buys today but six months follow with much ado about little or nothing. Sell in May or June and go to sea. holding few dividends stocks.

  26. A wait and see game.

  27. Daddy Paul says:

    Yea I am buying on weakness.

  28. AussieJS says:

    i sold on strength

  29. whidbey says:

    yellen talks today. Suspect she will not plan to raise rates. Be concerned if she does promise a rate increase, the economy will not survive. Suspect cash is nice to have, Plan a few bonds in oct, and ETFS for later in oct. The fishing is good off the mouth of Columbia River this morning.

  30. Me thinks, Fishing is not a bad idea.

  31. whidbey says:

    The market is fragile, But I am flat watching for more disruptions to come to fill the summer months. Fall I will reenter selected stocks and a few bonds. Happy 4TH.

  32. AussieJS says:

    whip crack a way, sings dorris day

    the month looks ugly and needs a good flogging

  33. whidbey says:

    It is next week, after the 4th, that matters. Much hangs on reports on US economic activity, AND what is happening elsewhere the global economy. I suspect the summer is wearing down into the fall when it gets bumpy. The markets are cocky in outlooks but the political delivery is not looking good for the USA. I am flat, waiting. BY the way after 30 years in the service…. the 4th bores hell out of me. Forgive me please.

  34. Daddy Paul says:

    Yup I am an addict. Cannot pass a good gap up.

  35. whidbey says:

    REIT are looking better for the year to date, INP may be into fall.

  36. whidbey says:

    wicked data day. The ADP report could be a shock. Set for a weak opening???

  37. whidbey says:

    Jobs look,good, futures up, I do not understand, so no this is not fitting in the seasonality: not in vested. best

  38. whidbey says:

    Waiting for the FED like it mattered. We are watching the inmates run the asylum. When and if congress blows health care and tax reform, we probably revert to seasonality = nasty into fall with a November attempt at recovery. CAREFUL NO body is driving…..

  39. whidbey says:

    CP looking promising will buy soon. looking at BRK-B.

  40. whidbey says:

    Yellen @ noon and then maybe nothing happens until the corp reports this week. Years ending in “7″ are usually down market years. Maybe not too.

  41. whidbey says:

    Strange talk is loose today.

    “Gold Should Probably Be $5000” – CME Chairman
    By Mark O’Byrne July 13, 2017
    “Gold Should Probably Be $5000” – CME Chairman Duffy

    – Fed has caused “frustration” and “confusion” in market place
    – “If you adjust for inflation, you should have gold somewhere around 2 to 3,000 per ounce”

    More fed talk today….patience is a virtue.

  42. whidbey says:

    Watch gold. Spy,Dow. maybe into Aug,then cash.

    nervous, you bet you.

  43. whidbey says:

    Aug 14 looks like a top of some sort on Bradley model.

  44. whidbey says:

    The house likes this market – inside days and all. Too many nervous tellies? Count me in cash and holding Netflix. Where is everyone, it is summer, but not the end.

  45. Daddy Paul says:

    Enjoyed your video on the internet stocks.
    I love listing to people who think differently than I.

  46. whidbey says:

    Consumer and business confidence surged following last November’s presidential election, and the stock market followed. The consensus was expecting tax reform, infrastructure spending, and a cheaper and better healthcare alternative to the Affordable Care Act. More than six months later, nothing has been accomplished, as the data points that measure the strength of our economy have been falling below expectation for months. The economy is in desperate need of fiscal stimulus, especially as the Federal Reserve embarks on plans to tighten monetary policy. Discouraged as hell………………..

  47. AussieJS says:

    fundermentally the world is bankrupt–pension funds ,states,soverigns
    trump is a bankruptcy expert
    prosperity comes from no debt

    technical;ly the world is close to a top on funny money liquidity

    instos are preparing to be short and trap the pension funds

  48. whidbey says:

    Opening to more earnings, but watch fed plans. Raising rates now is bananas. Gold up a little. Draghi apparently planning same thing. The dollar is lined up to collapse to 80. Sure you want to live this way???

  49. AussieJS says:

    this blow off top is unstable

    bull complacency at all time highs

    put /call ratio [to many bull calls to bear puts]

    what will the insto market makers that take the opposite side do

    take a loss [ ? ]

  50. whidbey says:

    The market is alleged to be vulnerable to stars this week; negative. But amzn maybe vulnerable to the justice dept.