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  1. whidbey says:

    A mess, payroll madness. They have no idea what is happening via the Fed. Duck………..!!!!!!!

  2. whidbey says:

    The Fed will raise rates this month and then a small correction of 5 to 10%. I am stopped in my ETFs. Be well, cause it is about all you got left.

  3. whidbey says:

    Where are we in fed policy? Too much money chasing Markets? No, too much policy. We will regret today as they promise a series of rate moving. Keep the etfs in vitals water, services etc.. Best to not be too serious and hold a fair amt of cash. Pulling into Seattle as I write.

  4. AussieJS says:

    quad witches are the instos

  5. whidbey says:

    We now have less money to worry about, so keep some cash while the bonds and stocks go up for a time. You should be modest through May 2017, then sell and wait fall to buy again. You knew that?? Sorry.

  6. whidbey says:

    NO one expected the reaction the FED action elicited. I guess it means usual seasonal pattern is in play. In the end debt level rises as the executive branch spends and retirement incomes get mauled. Good thing i am getting old before we go bust.

  7. clairvoyant says:

    Only one little problem.
    Do you believe in Dow Theory? If so, then the fact that the Dow Transports are not confirming the rally in Dow Jones Industrials should be setting your Spidey Senses tingling. It’s a warning of potential ugliness. ;-D

  8. whidbey says:

    In S&P the smaller company stocks are lagging the big caps. Seeing some weakness. High yield bonds, JNK seem to be responding to petroleum weakness. I Am Nervous. Getting ready to rain???

  9. whidbey says:

    more games today. Looking for bargains T, V, are interesting.

  10. Bon says:

    Is your chart from the paid version of stockcharts ?

  11. liar liar says:

    oil has been down pretty much every day for a while. gives me a mini free fall feeling. but the medium term chart looks like a bullish flag after a big rally. and the long term chart resembles an inverse head and shoulders pattern, though not the prettiest, most symmetric, or textbook one i have seen.

    so there you have it, no matter what happens next, you heard it from me right here. lol

  12. Daddy Paul says:

    RUT says buy NASDAQ says sell. Put call ratio is too high. I favor a bounce here but not worth the risk.

  13. whidbey says:

    Treasury will attempt to replenish fed budget without a budget from congress. Who buys?? This must be done but ye gods. Today turns on health care politics. I have puts on the major providers. Stolie and tomato juice is breakfast.

  14. whidbey says:

    nice always first class, now show us the week ahead.

  15. Daddy Paul says:

    Close to a buy on the rut

  16. whidbey says:

    shortly a wipe out starts. Save a few coins for the clean up.

  17. clairvoyant says:

    Big Swedish investor Rune Andersson says to Dagens Industri magazine that the stock market is extremely overheated.
    The Swedish industrialist and major investor Rune Andersson tells Dagens Industri magazine that he has sold all its own shares before the end of the year.
    This situation is sick, he says. Is he right again? We will see.

    Long term high risk indicator is also now extremely high.
    U.S. long-term Treasury bonds, particularly relative to the Dow, that have now become extremely dangerous.
    The following chart illustrates a ratio of the relative strength of the 30-year U.S. Treasury bond compared to the Dow 30:

    This relative strength ratio is now at record-low levels, even more than we saw ahead of the 2000 and 2008 recessions, when the stock market fell into vicious bear markets.
    Since the presidential election, this ratio has reached the lowest level in over 20 years, signaling extreme “bubble” danger. ;-D

  18. whidbey says:

    In last stages of expansion; looking at T,Vz, BP and such like for dividends. 78 week cycle is ending soon.

  19. Fred Simons says:

    “Trump is finished. He cannot negotiate. He is a narcissist. He is a blunderbuss. By losing the replace Obamacare gambit he is now in the back of the bus. None of his planned moves such as deregulation and tax reductions will see the light of day. The stock market will collapse as the Trump rallye is kaputt. Trump will deep tongue kiss Putin and get passed a Russian intense yellow diamond. After all CNN says so. Oh yeah Oh yeah”.
    Instead we will get a contrarian rip roaring rallye that rots the socks of the Democratic short sellers.

  20. whidbey says:

    The week that was on Tuesday. Now it is s coasting down hill. Dividends! C’est La VIE.